2019 Review and 2020 Wishlist for Medium

The Logo Makes Me Warm And Fuzzy Inside Now!

The Milestone

So, why is it a good milestone? I have two points.


Of course, more happened this year. I’ve published 23 articles so far (not counting this,) which generated thousands of views. While I’m far from being a big writer around here, the numbers are much better than last year, and I’m happy to get constant viewers! Overall, I’m still very happy that I picked Medium. I still enjoy the simplicity combined with elegance. That said, Medium is not perfect and I’ve written about that a couple times.


Moving forward, I have two major requests:

  1. Improved App: I’ve been using Medium on iOS and there are clear problems with UI/UX, lack of functionality etc. I ended up using Safari (literally what I’m doing as I write.) Medium isn’t a complicated site and I’d like to think Medium has the developers to handle a full-conversion between versions.
  2. More focus and a new direction for Publications: Right now, publications act sort of like magazines: A gathering for opinion leaders, who are already “out there”. But what about fanzines and enthusiasts without that visibility or network? I think it would be great if Medium came up with a “Looking for Group” function (I write about games, of course I think of game-related tools!) where enthusiasts could find each other and form publications. Even if it’s too much, suggesting writers to publication owners and publications to potential writers would’ve been great. A sense of community is a powerful driving tool, and a group of minds talking is a beatiful thing. Do it Medium!



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