5 D&D Bards for Players & DMs

“I hate creating a player character,” I wrote to a friend today, “Because I love doing it.” You see, I’m starting a new campaign as a player and I thought I had something simple in mind: A bard with probably a charismatic race. I thought either Neutral-ish with CG tendencies or Neutral-ish that has evil gardens of greed and selfishness. We will be a two-person party so I also wanted to be flexible (the other one is a ranger) without worrying too much about powerplay. Result? I went through so many ideas! I can’t play all of them so I thought I’d share them here. Feel free to take one and adapt it as a PC or utilize them as NPCs.

1 — Monster Bardbarian

by Tsabo6

2 — Yuan-ti Pureblood Spy/Rebel

3 — Goliath Skald

by Cicada Works

4 — Firbolg Flower-giant

5 —Fallen Aasimar Bard/Bardlock

by euphoric_nirvana


I still haven’t decided! What do you think? What’s your favorite? What are some cool bard ideas you have?

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