An Unnamed New World

I don’t have any art so here is earth seen from space, looks magical! [Source]

The Beginning

At first, it was the World and its indigenous denizens: Animals, plants, humans living simple lives (and possibly other humanoids too). The denizens of the World were special because they had an extraordinary subconscious (this is not meant to be scientific, I need better words) and imagination that was enhanced by their connection to the World.

The Age of Gods

Over time, they started to infiltrate the World and these first creatures became their missionaries and priests. The priests depicted “the gods” depending on the items and powers they were given, ie if they were granted an amulet that produces fire, they would call theirs the God of Fire. The more followers they brought, the more and more interesting powers and items they were granted. This started creating a feeling of competition, invoking feelings like ambition and that turned into bigger followings for the celestial beings, just as they had hoped for.

The Age of Sorcery

The sorcerers fought the gods for years and years. They grew their power and experience and chipped away at the previously unshakable belief that gods and their followers were untouchable. One day, the leader of the sorcerers challenged the gods to a fight. The gods did find it odd but didn’t want to pass at the opportunity for a quick win. In the end, they did seem to be winning the battle so they figured the sorcerer just lost it.

The Mechanism Revolution

They found out the answer when the Mechanism Revolution started. True, a sorcerer had many ways to deal with a person holding a gun. But unlike magic, mechanisms could be wielded by anyone and when ten people held guns, it was a different story. When the people working for the supply lines for food and magic items turned on them, it was even a more different story.


So… this is the world. As mentioned, I’m not sure about races like dwarves and elves. Maybe they’ll exist, maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll just be erased over time or simply isolate themselves. I imagine the technology level to be Second Industrial Revolution-ish. There are also differences from our world of course. For example, they have elemental minerals such as thunderstone or “firestone” (needs a better name) that allows different gadgets, weapons or even branches of technologies.



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Ekrem Atamer

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