Building a New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - I: Purpose

The Iconic wallpaper from Shadow of Chernobyl

Defining the Purpose

Before anything else, I want to start by defining the purpose of the game. Who does this game target and offer to the players?

Solo Roaming

The basis concept of a stalker is a solo bounty hunter in a dangerous world. You take what you need to carry, head in the wilds. You take out your trusty scanner and some bolts, navigate through anomalies, take down a couple mutants and reach a loot cache or extract an artifact from an anomaly. It’s creepy, it’s dangerous and strangely, it’s comforting. For this to work, instancing is needed.

Faction PvP

What comes after the solo stalker is stalkers screwing each other and working together. The biggest and most repeated question in 100 rads bar is “Freedom or Duty?.” And the answer will probably be “Free stalker” or “Monolith.” We’ve seen many factions in Stalker and both in games and very popular modes, players have enjoyed factions taking over locations. This needs to be in game.


You’ve been mauled by mutants, thrown around by anomalies and shot by bandits. But you also the spoils of your hard day: A new weapon, tons of Tourist’s Delights and some artifacts. You place the food in your locker and get a good night’s sleep. While the sirens of blowout offend your ears, you are safe, home. You mod your new weapon, sell unneeded stuff and grab a drink in the bar and listen to the new guy play the guitar.

No source for the image except the link, unfortunately.


You are navigating through an anomaly field. An izlom roams in the horizon. Your eye catches a cave nearby. Seeing the zombies outside, you suspect a controller may be inside. You check your scanner. If you manage it through two more anomalies, you can get that nifty artifact. Suddenly, the izlom stops. You hear howling on the distance. You get goosebumps. You curse. You know what’s next. Sirens start tearing the air and the sky starts becoming red. A blowout will happen. Soon it will get worse. The energy will build up and explode. You can’t stay outdoors. If you start running back now, you can make it to the nearest safe spot. Or you can take a risk, go for that artifact before it disappears with the blowout and go for the cave. What do you do?


So, the actual implementation of features can change entirely, but in this article I named some things I want in the game: Solo roaming, faction pvp, a home of sorts and blowouts. I also listed some ways on how to implement them. What do you think? Do you agree? Am I missing anything? Is anything unnecessary? Let me know in the comments (or in the 100 Rads bar.)



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