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So, I’ve been kind of silent lately and I thought it’s a good opportunity to catch up. I’ve completed the last trip of the year a couple weeks ago: I was in Barcelona for 5 nights and I gotta say I L O V E it! It’s a beautiful city, people seem relaxed, food is amazing… The prices in more touristic places were a tad higher than I hoped but still. Worth it. I also dropped by Sitges, was really nice to see the beaches there and back in the city and be in the sea again before the year’s out.

No photos can do enough justice to La Sagrada Familia

A separate paragraph goes to La Sagrada Familia. I really don’t have words. I teared. Literally. What a grand design. Just looking at it is leaves in awe, but then I had the audio tour explaining the decisions behind the tech and art… Gaudi is a genius.

After I was back in Berlin, unfortunately I got sick and I’m just recovering. Meanwhile, I’ve really been into podcasts lately and I want to share a few of them with you. I listen my podcasts on acast and Spotify apps. All below exist in acast and I think about all of them also are in Spotify.

In this article, I’ll start with some comedy podcasts. Later on I’ll write again for more serious ones.

I’ll provide links to web pages if they have one, and also the podcasts on Acast and Spotify. If you don’t use acast, I suggest you to use the acast app and not the website if you are listening on mobile.

My Dad Wrote a Porno (Acast/Spotify)

This podcast contains adult themes, sexual content and strong language. Basically, all the good stuff.

Legendary podcast. Jamie Morton’s father, pen name Rocky Flintstone, has written “erotic novella” and instead of hiding it in a dark corner, Jamie got two of his friends, the lovely Alice Levine and James Cooper, and together they read Rocky’s brilliant work.

Not only these novella has the porn cheesiness cranked up to eleven, the mistakes in writing and choice of words and the weird line of events make sure that the trio has no shortage of things to make fun of and they do it relentlessly.

I believe they are sitting on top of nearly 150 mil downloads at the moment and they’ve even done a live show tour including a performance in London’s most esteemed Royal Albert Hall!

If you see someone laughing to themselves with a headset on them in the public transport on a monday morning aka #PornoDay, there is a good chance that they are listening to them, along with celebrities like Elijah Wood, Daisy Ridley and Rachel Bloom.

Dear Joan and Jericha (Acast/Spotify)

How are you today?

I learned about DJ&J from Alice Levine and I have mixed feelings. On one side I love it because I laughed so so much. One the other side I hate it because there are only 8 episodes!

In this podcast, Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine take the roles of the imaginary characters Joan and Jericha, acting as sort of agony aunts. They will reply mail from their audience, who are usually women asking for advice about their life.

Of course Joan and Jericha will always have the responses for them but it won’t be what you expect! Husband leaving the wife because her breasts are small? They will find the husband to be the victim! Teenager neighbor coming on to a lady? They will ENCOURAGE it! They will give a lot of sound(!) medical advice as well.

Just… go with it. You won’t regret it. I get giggles by just thinking about them. WHY EIGHT EPISODES?

(The?) The Baby Sitters Club Club (Acast/Spotify)

Claudia’s wearing a bra now, and the way she talks, you’d think boys had just been invented. (just… listen the podcast)

So apparently, there used to be a series of books about a band of young girls, their baby-sitting adventures and their relations. And through a series of mishaps, one of the podcasters had read these books in the past.

Years later, he takes his friend and they read them together and try to discover the truth about them. Unlike MDWAP, you won’t hear the books being read in TBSCC. Instead, they will both read the books before the podcast, make a summary for the listeners and then proceed to analyzing it.

And oh boy do they analyze. They will over-think and over-analyze the simple books, talking about everything from deep psychology, politics and more. No word, no phrase is safe from this duo.

Plumbing the Death Star (Acast/Spotify)


PtDS will ask important questions on the geeky world, such as “Is Obi-wan incompetent?” or “Is the Imperial Army racist” or “Why is Charles Xavier in a wheel chair”.

Now, this isn’t your classic bunch of nerds being super serious about a subject. On the contrary, these folks will mess around non-stop and take you along for the silliest rides.

I have to say I skip some episodes if it’s not a topic that interest me. However, the ones I know about are pretty good and I am dying for their impressions. “Why is Charles Xavier in a wheel chair” might me my favorite. I need to stop myself from bursting into a laughter even when I’m writing the name of the episode. Nope, I couldn’t. I still laughed.

So yeah. These are the ones I follow(ed.) There are also a few that are serious but I thought it’d make more sense to have another article later. This way, I will also have more time to discover a few more hopefully.

In the coming weeks, expect more content from me and I hope you enjoy the podcasts. If you have suggestions or if you liked these, let me know in the comments!

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