Concept: Warcraft Co-op

If you think about it, it makes even more sense for Warcraft. Even the game covers were “Commanders” for Warcraft 3 and the Frozen Throne!

Warcraft Coop

Gameplay notes about W3Coop — Don’t worry if you can’t read them, I explain all below
  • Heroes should exist, but without any standards: One commander might have a single, very strong hero while the other one have 5 heroes that are less powerful and maybe they don’t carry items! There might be a commander without them too, but that should be part of their gimmick.
  • Items should exist, but we don’t want to see a random weapon or armour in the hands of a hero with iconic items, such as the Doomhammer for Thrall or the Frostmourne and Lich King’s armour for Arthas. To that extent, I think 8 slots in total might be good: 2 for weapon(s) and shield, 2 for armour, 2 for accessory and 2 for consumables (We can’t have a fantasy setting without potions and scrolls)
  • That said, I’m not sure about an elaborate item system. We shouldn’t spend too much time on this while we play the game.
  • Smaller army sizes should exist both with higher supply units and also lower supply cap.
  • Upkeep is a question mark. I think it should exist, but the exact limits can change. There could be commanders that provide flexibility for themselves and their allies and maybe one that completely ignores it.
  • When I asked a Starcraft 2 dev if we’ll ever see coop maps for 3–4 people, he told me that there was a technical limit regarding how many units were on the screen. With the reduced amount of units per player, this should also be considered. I found 2-person limit to be the reason why I don’t play the game many times since we had others in our “play crew” waiting to play games.
  • Tougher units and more micro focus should be a thing, but it should still allow auto-casts like SC2CO. Manual micro would be one of the skills that allow you to go up the difficulty levels.
  • Creeps and Creeping should exist. However, I think WCO can learn a few lessons from Heroes of the Storm, where the “jungle” camps join you instead of dying and respawn after a while. I don’t think all jungle should work like this, but there might be good opportunities to apply this. Maybe a particular type of creep can respawn. Maybe a map has respawning creeps. Maybe a commander can “take over” camps and respawn them. Something to consider.
  • Warcraft 3 resources were gold and lumber. While gold mines were static locations, trees actually disappeared and you had to build lumber mills to increase efficiency. I don’t think this mechanic fits coop well. Maybe trees should never fall or stay up for longer periods.



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