The Cowboy Duel Game

You totally did. Matthew cosplaying as McCree by the way!
One pager that I guarantee you can’t read. The cowboy drawings are pretty dope though.


Let’s start with the core game, duels. There will be a few duel types, which come with a specific camera angle. I imagine these two be hand-drawn or pixel art and fully 2d. Depending on the type of duel (two possibilities are shared on my one-pager above), you have a specific way to act and you have a short time frame to do so. Everything is decided in almost a split second, like a real duel. I’ll go with the top duel as an example, where rivals meet facing each other, hands ready to draw.


Once a duel is over, you’ll be in the real world, which I imagine again to be a combination of texts and illustrations. You will be able to eat, drink and sleep, talk with people, travel, shop etc. You’ll earn money in a variety of ways from bets to bounty hunting and make money that way. You’ll have a reputation per town that changes pretty fast and one global reputation that changes much slower. Depending on your actions, you’ll likely earn a nickname. There is no internet for instant fame or infamy, but the more your fame spreads, the more you’ll see its affects.


As you play through the game, you’ll get to have some advantages. For example, you might find a gun that’s easier to draw (ie a simpler mouse gesture) or harder to sabotage. You’ll have companions etc.


As usual, this is by no means a complete game, but I think it makes for a nice base upon which to improve. Note to self, since these sort of one-pagers are likely to be in the same situation, I should probably just skip these conclusions or focus on something else.



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