Cyberpunk 2077 — Life Paths

The Situation

Here is what I said in summary about Life Paths in the original article:

  1. Street Kid, meaning V has pretty much always been working on the street for fixers, gangs and so on
  2. Nomad, meaning V has/had been part of one of the nomad clans (not Aldecados though)
  3. Corpo, meaning V has been working for a Corporate (in V’s case, Arasaka)

The Solution

Let’s start with introductions. Here is an alternative plot for Corpo:

  1. You get more payment from all Gigs, proportional to your street cred.
  2. You get a special “redemption” mission from Padre to steal the car from the introduction. You need to complete this to receive any Padre gigs.
  3. Ripperdoc prices are 10% cheaper
  4. You start with the standard car.
  1. You get a mission to get back some of your drained cash. You can track it yourself or try to steal back some cash with Int or Tech, you can scare an ex-employee with Body or you can call some favours will Cool. It is possible to mix and match these for better results.
  2. You have tax-return shenanigans going on. Every purchase over 1K is cheaper, discount rates increasing with base price.
  3. You are focused and determined, gaining 10% more experience.
  4. You start with a stylish sports car that is faster but has worse handling than the standard car.
  1. You have a special mission that brings you together with an ex-clan member. They can be called as if calling a vehicle. Once they arrive, they can be used as a fast-travel point.
  2. You start with a modified jeep that has better handling and speed than the standard car
  3. You can complete another mission for your ex-clan to connect them to smuggling rings. They now act as a vendor that has two types of items: The first group are fully random at a very high discount. The second group are picked depending on your abilities, perks and equipped items but very expensive.


I don’t think Cyberpunk did Life Paths “bad” per se, but this is more or less the minimum. If they had less than what they had now, they might as well have not added it at all. That’s why I think it’s better to shine these to diversify player experience. In fact, the “solid” effects can be even less conservative; but if dialogue choices impact is better felt, the distinction will be felt stronger overall anyway.



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