Cyberpunk 2077 Part 1: Problems

Of course I had to use Johnnyboi here
  1. Mission Choices
  2. Life Paths
  1. The story pace and segmentation: ie where the story milestones are
  2. The difficulty: ie difficulty of every aspect at different points in the game
  3. The effect of choices: ie our ability to change the course of the game in minor or major ways
  4. Open World: There aren’t enough sandbox or open-world-specific elements.
  1. Mission Choices: While there are different ways to solve a “zone”, the quests themselves rarely change despite having dialogue options that suggest they would
  2. Life Paths: The starting experience is too brief and while there are a lot of dialogue options, see (1) and once our life in the streets start, our old life is never relevant
  3. Difficulty: Fights are too easy, especially if you know what to do. Harder difficulties seem to be simply about higher enemy stats. There is no difficulty outside combat.
  4. Static World: Whatever you do in the game; Night City, its gangs, law and fixers are always at the same place, reacting the same, nothing ever changes.
  5. Character Looks: Not only character customization is limited, it’s also pointless when we thought looks were everything.



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Ekrem Atamer

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