D&D Adventures 12: Behir

Ekrem Atamer
2 min readOct 15, 2023

Party is approached by a Bronze Dragon. It had left a while ago to return the favor to some adventurers in a battle. But the battle turned into war and time passed.

5E Depiction

In the meanwhile, a behir seems to have taken over his lair. While the Adult dragon could take one without much issue, he came back wounded from the war and the behir seems to be a particularly fierce one, especially since its immune to the dragon’s lightning breath. So the dragon stalked the nearby town for a while, looking for candidates and found the party.

It’s… that simple. But I do have a bunch of variations that can spice things up and/or help you better plug/adapt to your game.

  1. There is a couple of behirs, one protects the eggs and the other hunts. Do the party attack when they are split? What do they do with the eggs? What if they want to protect the egg but the Bronze wants them gone? What if they want to sell the eggs but the Bronze disagrees?
  2. It’s not a Bronze, it’s an evil dragon paying the party to hunt the behirs because it wants the eggs for whatever nefarious purpose. Behirs can understand Draconic. Does the party try to converse?
  3. There is a single Behir but the Bronze was cursed to lose its lightning immunity — maybe even takes more damage from it.
  4. They kill the Behir(s). Bronze hasn’t “established” the place back as a lair yet. If they find an opportunity, do they steal from the dragon? What if there is something that’s REALLY alluring?
2E Depiction

This one’s pretty straightforward and is mostly a side quest. The reward can be pretty enticing — a dragon ally.

Of course, there are ways to stretch this into more than a quest: Maybe the dragon lost some items from the lair and there are multiple adventures to reclaim them. If Behir eggs are in the mix, that can be taken to different directions from finding sellers to raising it themselves.



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