D&D Adventures 17: Bugbear

Ekrem Atamer
3 min readFeb 28, 2024

Grigor Trustrike was a warrior-poet who worshipped Tempus, the deity of war. Grigor had a dream once, which he was convinced to be a vision of his god: He saw himself soaked in blood and in the distance, a great enemy Tempus wanted him to conquer. Between them lay countless enemies, so much that he could never hope to defeat. Then the blood he was soaked in started flowing and took shape, forming a warrior in his image. Together, they marched against the enemy. Grigor used to pay tribute to Tempus until then but after this dream, he became a true believer.

Female bugbear depiction from Pathfinder

One day, he was on a raid with a group of Northern Barbarians against a camp of bugbears and goblins. It was an epic battle. Grigor sang the great sagas of North as goblins and bugbears fell before his flaming sword. However, there were way more enemies than they anticipated, as a whole clan of bugbears had just joined this group hours before the attack. Barbarians were outnumbered but they fought bravely, killing many more than anyone could expect of them and they defeated the enemy. Once enough of them were killed, the goblins scurried away and with their expendable support gone, the remaining bugbears decided to run away too. But the cost for the barbarians was too high. Once their battle-rage ended, they faced their wounds, many dying on the spot and others bleeding with no priests left alive to save them. Grigor’s body also lay there, in the middle of the fallen warriors. But then, he woke up. It was a miracle. Well, he would later realize it was the magical ring he acquired a few weeks ago that magically regenerated him but he would still say it was a miracle for him to find that ring just before that battle.

He was alone, soaked in the blood of his allies and enemies alike. He suddenly remembered his dream and just at that time, he noticed something moving in another pile of corpses. He rushed immediately, not knowing what to expect — was the blood taking shape like his dream? Maybe the blood warrior just meant one of the warriors here was to survive and be his companion. Or was someone simply alive?

And then he saw “it”. A baby bugbear. The mother lay close by. A grotesque scene but one that somehow resonated with him. This little bugbear was not a survivor and a warrior, but he was also born in battle. Born in blood. He was convinced that raising this baby to be a warrior like him was his calling.

Years later, Grigor and Miracle traveled the land, fighting battles. She never got the poetry part but turned out to be an amazing fighter indeed. Grigor eventually fell in battle but Miracle kept traveling and eventually developed an artistic side too: She became a dancer.

Miracle carries his father’s Bloodthirsty Ring of Regeneration, which sucks the blood of enemies and allies alike to regenerate the wearer when they fall, and his flaming longsword. She also carries a magical two-hander, some throwing axes and always, her dancing shoes.

So, this isn’t an adventure like the others, but Miracle (or Grigor and Miracle together) can make a fun addition to any campaign. Maybe they go on a mission together. Maybe they join forces. Maybe they become rivals. Maybe they do a dance-off.



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