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Ekrem Atamer
1 min readSep 26, 2023

After a long time of not publishing anything, I have a new writing project I’ll try to keep up with and I’m pretty excited about it!

Official art for Ghosts of Saltmarsh

I’m going to go through the 5E Monster Manual and write an adventure inspired by each monster! There is no restriction beyond that: Some will be short, some longer. Some will be a bit more detailed, others more superficial. Some might be a one-shots and I’m sure some will be campaign material.

They won’t be ready-to-play adventures of course, but I hope they’ll be inspiring. I wanted to do this every day, although realistically that’s not going to be possible in my current schedule, so I’ll try to go for twice a week for now.

I’ll do it alphabetically except the first one, because that’s the one that got me going: Naga.

I might start posting these on Reddit too and I think I’ll either start a publication or keep an index. I’ll update this post when I decide.

I’d also LOVE to hear your thoughts, additions, variations, stories you ran that are similar or maybe not similar but regarding the same monster… Anything, really!

So, first post will be up in a moment, let’s go!



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