Fortnite — Powered Up Mode

I’ve been playing Fortnite Battle Royale lately so this lunch break I thought I could come up with a new (optional, temporary) mode for Fortnite. I’ll grab coffee and start!

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Powered Up

This mod adds power ups to the game. Power ups have a chance to drop from chests, supply drops and similar containers (e.g piñatas.)

The power ups are time limited unless stated otherwise. Some examples of how time-limits can work:

  1. Flat amount of time starting with pick-up
  2. Flat amount of time starting with a trigger. For example, a damage buff can start after first time the player shoots or the first time they deal damage.
  3. Special timing. For example, until the next storm cycle.
  4. Other dependancy: For example, gone after x amount of damage or x times hit.

Possible Options:

  1. Power-Up drops from a player if they haven’t completely used it.
  2. There is a Power-Up slot and only one can be active at a time.
  3. Everyone gets a random power-up at start.
  4. Everyone alive gets a certain power-up (in addition to what they have) during that cycle.

The Power-Ups also have rarity and proportionate drop rates.

Harvester: Gain extra resources per swing. Uncommon-Double, Rare-Triple, Epic-Quadruple

Resourceful: You spend your resources normally, but you always build metal. Speed depends on the resource you use (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

#FutureTech: Your buildings are indestructible but not editable (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Assassin: Do extra damage. Uncommon +25%, Rare +50%, Epic +100% (with a sound effect: Double Damage!), Legendary +300% (with a sound effect: Quad Damage), Legendary II +50% &Permanent. Does not stack.

Tank: Take less damage. Rare -25%, Epic -50%, Legendary -10% &Permanent. Different levels stack.

Helmet: Deflect sniper shots or headshots. Uncommon 1 hit, Rare 2 hits. Legendary 1 hit every minute.

Speedster: Rare. 30% faster movement. Jumps can take you further but vertical speed is same (ie air time stays the same)

Invisibility: Legendary. Become completely invisible. Any interaction breaks it.

Stormborn: You project an aura that deals damage. The damage is same as the next storm.

Stormbound: Your attacks ignore shields and leave a damage over time for 10 seconds. The damage is same as the next storm. Comes with a nifty storm-y effect on bullets (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Stormshield: Storm, stormborn and stormbound attacks do not damage you (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Giant: You double in size. You also get quadruple health (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Small Person: Your size is halved. Your damage is decreased by 60% (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Shadow Gunner: Every time you reload, you get a clip of bullets (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Healer: You project an aura similar to campfire (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Daredevil: You become invulnerable while dancing. But you can’t stop dancing for at least 3 seconds (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

Karma: You regenerate health while dancing. But you get double damage while dancing (Rarity depends on timing rules.)

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Gamer, gaming industry wanderer, development and design enthusiast. Current WIP: TBD

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