HotS Character: Imperius

Art by Joel Pigou


Imperius will ideally want to mark as many targets as possible, but he can not run around marking enemies: He needs to pick his targets. He can use his Q to single out foes or protect his weaker allies being ambushed by predators. His W similarly can be used offensively or defensively. Squishy targets can be overwhelmed with the focus from Imperius allies and the directed damage on top. Another idea would be to use it against a tougher target to burst them a good deal. His E is similar to Dehaka’s heal. While he can regenerate a lot, it will take time to mark several targets in the heat of battle, so he needs to think about when to use it. Also, Imperius needs to keep in mind that his trait has no expiration time as long as the enemies are visible to him, meaning allies like Tassadar can make life very hard for enemies who want to visit a nearby bush to drop Mark of Solarion. The Heavenly Host can either be used to control the battlefield with a sudden slow or burst a single enemy down and a good Imperius will use the rest of his kit to isolate the targets he wants. Wrath of the Archangel can be a great finisher but lacking any real escape tools, Imperius either needs to be conservative with his offense or make sure he has a healer nearby: Diving into the enemy team without support will only get him killed.


Honestly, I’m not sure if this is the perfect kit for Imperius, but I think there are a couple cool ideas here. Once again, I encourage you to watch Carbot’s video on him as well. As usual, I’m more than happy to hear any thoughts or feedback.



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Ekrem Atamer

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