Ideas for Idle Miner Tycoon


Before I start, let me introduce you the game and why I think the changes would benefit the game. Idle Miner Tycoon is an “idle” game, where you focus on gaining more and more resources. I believe this sub-genre was started by the cookie-clicker.

The different islands have different looks and resources
This is how the mines, elevator and warehouse looks. The “burning” characters are the managers, the effect showing that their skill is active.


The problem is, you can’t always add new features and completely new things, but you want the game to be fresh. The answer I have isn’t really unique, it’s just adopting some modern tactics.

  • Ad Choice: Watch a longer add for more bonuses
  • Item: Idle Boost 1/3/7/30D, Automatically uses managers
  • Item: Akme Shaft Setter 10/25/50, Shows up as manager, spent when used, sets shaft to corresponding level
  • Super Manager: While active, other managers cooldown twice as fast


With such changes (of course to be balanced correctly), I think the game would be more interesting, have more things to do and always have something fresh for new and existing players alike.



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Ekrem Atamer

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