Hey everyone!

For quite a while my stories have been erratic in terms frequency. I’ve been doing things, but not writing much. I’m going back to writing frequently or at least consistently!

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Mandatory terminator picture in relation with the title

I actually started several articles but didn’t get to complete them. I guess I’ll complete some. Here is a sneak peak in form of a screenshot of my drafts:

Image for post
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There is even more!

I’m targeting at least an article a week, if possible, two articles (a “noon challenge” and a regular one.)

We’ll see. Keep on following. More stuff coming #soon

Also, I invite you to drop comments! Not only they are very encouraging for me, but also can spark some nice conversation!

Disappearing now, see you at this week’s article!

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Gamer, gaming industry wanderer, development and design enthusiast. Current WIP: TBD

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