Impressions — Diablo 4

Diablo 101

Where It All Began
If you haven’t, definitely play Diablo 2. Cheat through it, it doesn’t matter. See the story-telling through the cinematics. It is simply brilliant. As in, clever. Otherwise it’s just dark.

...Previously on Diablo

Behold Lilith. The Rebel To Forces That Be And The Mother Of Humankind

The Atmosphere

As mentioned, Diablo games have been traditionally dark, but this time we might be looking at the darkest of them all. The developers seem very focused on how dark the game will be. They told that darkness was one of the pillars of the game and used other words and phrases like occult, blood&gore, victories not being clean and metal when talking about the game.

They are TERRIBLE. I love it!


Atmosphere is nice, but a Diablo game, especially a loot-based ARPG has to be fun to play. I’ll take it from two angles, one is the “micro” aspect which is about the skills, the characters etc. and the other is the “macro” aspect which is about game systems like dungeons, adventure mode in D3 etc.

Here is how talents look.
The world boss. Cute, isn’t it?
Dungeons are Diablo1-level dark. Sorceress will be useful in multiple ways!


Overall, I have to say I’m very excited, but cautious. Diablo 3 also made big promises that they weren’t able to deliver. That said, D4 team seems to be much more inclusive whereas D3 was more or less a black-box in terms of development. Plus they have a D3 to set an example for them, so I’m hopeful.



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