Impressions — World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

While leaks and estimations flew around like they do before BlizzCon, we knew one thing for sure: A WoW expansion would be announced as the last patch of Battle for Azeroth was in the works. Some thought a Lich King 2.0 would come, others thought dragons, others Black Empire, I wanted a Return of Aqir (you’ll hear more about that soon by the way.) and Shadowlands was both estimated and leaked. While the whole leak wasn’t accurate, the concept was; as announced in the opening ceremony with an amazing cinematic. I feel lucky to be there, and I was even on the Warcraft stage! So let’s talk about it.

The determination. Also, the quality of these cinematics!
No, it’s not related to the topic at hand, but it’s too good not to share. Someone call Scorsese!
Is it a death titan? Is it Ryuk? Is it the Skeleton King?

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