Interesting read as usual.

But Aytekin, while I don’t mean to discard the truth in it, I think it’s important to note that it will never be as simple. When we are in a situation of reaching a goal, there are many layers and factors that affect us. Maybe announcing about goals close to our identity is one of them, but there are more. One of the most basic ones from the top of my head is the pressure created by the perception of our failure: “If I fail at this, people will think worse of me.” You already wrote about the power of fear (and how to properly use it) in this article as well. Another positive thing I can think of is the kick-off. First step is where change starts and hence, one of the hardest parts for many people. For example, they may feel ashamed to start a diet as they think people will talk about it or judge this change. When goals are public and they get some appreciation, this transition is easier.

Again, not to dismiss the points or the research, we need to understand each angle separately in the end. But if we are judging a whole situation, the topic is less objective because it’s more nuanced.

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