About two years ago, I decided to start doing whatever I can to be a game developer while having a full time job (in games industry, but on the publisher side of things.) To keep myself motivated and have something to look back at, I started a blog.

After an evolution of content and some silent period, I’ve actually managed to have something posted monthly, even weekly at times. Since I always have some game design ideas in my head, I ended up in hoarding them in a private tumblr page. It was very pleasant to notice I had about a couple dozen entries: It was basically turning into an online portfolio for a potential principal designer!

Recently I had been considering to move to another environment and after coming across Portfolio Principles by Martijn van den Broeck, I decided to go for Medium. It feels like Medium has better connectivity than Wordpress, less community clutter and better tools than tumblr and the right balance between seriousness and genuineness.

So, Medium is my new home after trying many different options and I think it is the final destination. Even if I start my own page or something similar one day, I’d like to keep the Medium as my content source.

In my articles you will mostly find my design ideas or opinions on existing designs. I already have a bunch of posts I’ll import from my hidden vault and more stuff to be added on top of that.

I hope to find like minded people and who knows, maybe find future colleagues one day! If you are interested in anything you see, please drop a message or a comment.

I think this initial message has fulfilled its purpose and as such, it shall end. See you in the next, first article!

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Gamer, gaming industry wanderer, development and design enthusiast. Current WIP: TBD

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