This is an article from the previous, semi-private blog I was keeping. Date is March 20th, 2017. Some of it actually is from my notes that are way older! I’d like to note that this was a “Noon Practice”, meaning I’d sit down at lunch and write all of this without preparation. Anyway, have a look:

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Disclaimer: I read the Fallout Bible years ago. If any ideas are too similar, it could be because I had something lying at the back of my head. In fact, the first three are for a pen&paper game I prepared, from before I read the Bible when I had just played FO1&2. The game took place in Turkey, so that’s why you’ll see some Turkey/Turkish references.
Obviously, vault numbers are for this article, they are not pointing at actual Vaults in Fallout world.

Vault 1

Symmetric vault with two overseers. The entrance is in the middle and the entry hall serves as a connection point to each side. During the first year, the Overseers are under instructions for a drill that requires everyone in their quarters. During the drill, the connection point is sealed due to “a system error.” After this point, the computers on one side respond to Turkish only an the other side to English. Overseers will find some logs, with new entries in time, that suggest that “the other side” sabotaged their side’s entry to the connection point.

70 years later, the connection point will open up again.

Vault 2

The vault is populated with parents that had children at an older age.

The tapes in this Vault tell of an imaginary country that uses similar iconography as the native country (eagles and the flag for USA, moon and star for Turkey etc) but tells a completely different history. The tapes are incredibly nationalistic, to the point of racism.

After 10 years, the vault is struck with a disease that only kills 40+ year-old people, which should be all the parents. At this point, computers will have logs that declare the parents as traitors and present the cure for youth, whom the logs consider as the future of the country. That point onward the computers will prepare them for the moment of the doors opening, when the computer will give the mission of conquering the nearby region for the glory of their country.

Vault 3

This vault is presented as a “zoo” or “Noah’s arc”, but similar to Bakersfield, the doors wouldn’t shut properly. The purpose was to test radiation effects on various animals.

Vault 4

This vault’s computer system tracks and reports all communications to the Overseer, including private messaging between fellow vault dwellers. The Overseers are selected by the computer with a special profile: They are paranoid.

Vault 5

All personal quarters in this room are made for one and all doors have an airlock-like system that prevents more than one person enter any rooms, including hallways. The people chosen for the vault are all very outgoing.

Vault 6

Due to a “glitch”, the defense systems attack everyone on sight, forcing everyone to their quarters. Overseer is able to use robots to distribute food for survival, but otherwise communication is done via computer messaging system.

Vault 7

This vault is populated by experts tasked with menial tasks outside their fields, such as physicists appointed to room cleaning duty and doctors appointed to physical maintenance of machinery.

Leadership positions are populated by people who did menial tasks before the war while positions for experts are appointed to people who has little to no idea about the requirements of the job.

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