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I wanted to partially share something I’ve been working on: A Pen&Paper setting for Heroes of the Storm.

The system itself is still in works and there is a lot to talk about but the setting itself I can talk about… so here we go!

Enter Nexus, a mystique land in the middle of… somewhere that connects to… everywhere (kind of), governed by mighty (and totally aware of their shortcut gates) Nexus Lords who has the power to summon all sorts of champions to their cause: Machines, heroes, angels, demons, demigods… and uh… small walking fish men.

Possibly the most remarkable feature of the Nexus is that it can be shaped by will. Mere mortals would have difficulty shaping it more than building a house while with enough power, you can shape entire regions. And as such, the powerful Nexus Lords each govern a part of the land.

The Outer Reaches are where the power of the Lords are felt the most, with constant clashes occurring in the borders of different region’s Outer Reaches. These areas are shaped directly by the will of the Lord and they are almost impossible to change at all, without permission.

As you move towards to the center of the ellipse, you get to the Inner Reaches, also known as the Lands of the Summoned. These lands are not under direct control of the lords and without a powerful will to shape the land, they are in turmoil. While they don’t have a single powerful will, as more summoned gather from a certain world, that part of the Nexus will take shape of theirs.

Currently the Inner Reaches are divided into 3 major zones: The Sanctuary, Azeroth and Koprulu. There is also a curious Viking trio that has nowhere enough will to produce their own land, who travel in these outsider realms, alone and lost. But each of these main zones also have been shaped differently by the denizens. For example, the Sanctuary has a Hell and Heaven section, plus the mortal realm, shaped by the powerful Nephalem.

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Infernal Shrines: A conflicted area where the Hell and Heaven in Nexus neighbor each other.

The very center of the Nexus, the Core (or as Terrans name it, the “downtown”) is the most curious land that no one can ever touch. It’s a neutral place and it’s immovable and unchangeable. It’s a place to commune, socialize, make some money, make friends, make enemies and just… hang out. The Core still changes in time, it’s just that no one seem to have power over the changes and no one seems to be able to explain.

So this is the introduction to Nexus. In the next article I’ll introduce some character, some rumors and some myths.

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