Noon Practice — Heroes of the Storm Setting II

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In part I, I talked mostly about the physical structure of the world of Nexus. Today I will give some more details and also talk about Nexus Lords and the myths of the world. Time to make up stuff!

More about Nexus

First, while the overall physical status can be explained, the world is not rigid. The denizens may wake up to a day where they neighbor a different another lord’s area than before or even find themselves inside it.

Second, time doesn’t work the way it does in other worlds. Once the Lords summon champions into a fight, the time runs separately for them. The time in the Core also seems to have run separately, meaning there are three time flows: The Core, the Lands and the Battlefields. This makes it impossible to calculate the time that passed. Some say the Nexus have been around since the dawning of time, while most agree on a few thousand. Some talk about less than a decade, but that’s surely crazy talk.

Nexus Lords

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The most powerful lord of the realms is usually thought to be The Raven Lord. Ruling over the dark, accursed Raven Court, his name is whispered in fear throughout the Nexus. In his own land, none dare speak his name in vain. Locals will use “Ravens” in some phrases, such as a simple “Ravens!” or “Ravens take you!” as a curse. Obviously, this points to The Raven Lord without uttering the full name. His land has indeed ravens everywhere and the populace is sure that these crafty animals are his extension. Worst yet, ravens can be found in any other land and none dare touch them with the fear that The Raven Lord might be watching.

Somewhat contrary to the fear of locals regarding him, The Raven Lord has an overconfident but amused tone when addressing the heroes, almost in a friendly and playful manner. Many think this is simply because he is the strongest lord.

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However, the Raven Lord is matched by who is said to be a former servant: The Grave Keeper. Another powerful lord, The Grave Keeper is rumored to have snatched the Haunted Mines, which is located in the fringes of the Raven Court, from The Raven Lord’s control. The Grave Keeper used to be a boogie-man used to scare children but at some point, he turned out to be a real entity.

The Grave Keeper is mostly indifferent and commanding to the heroes and very aggressive against the Raven Lord. There are many rumors surrounding the two. Some say that the Raven Lord actually enabled the rise of the Grave Keeper just to have something to be entertained. Others believe that the Grave Golem was spawned out of Nexus as a natural reaction to the Raven Lord’s power. A conspiracy says that the Grave Lord was a budding Nexus Lord that was betrayed and defeated by the Raven Lord long before, seeking revenge. One thing is certain: The lords are not in good terms and fight over land.

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Another feud continues in a different realm of the Nexus, in Mistharbor. This realm used to be ruled by the pirate Council of Three Anchors but overtaken by Blackheart and his undead minions. The fearsome crew is met by none other than Commodore Ford, the original conqueror and killer of Blackheart and his crew.

Blackheart is rumored to be from a different land, still a nefarious pirate, finding his way to the Nexus through strange mists. As his tactics were alien to the denizens of Nexus, they fell before his attack. Others dismiss this as an excuse for the already weak Council.

Now, many pirates roam the Mistharbor, such as Falstad the Buccaneer, Cassia the Pirate Queen and Admiral Krakenov. Some seek to bring back the Three Councils, others in seizing control and replacing Blackheart.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Next time, we’ll probably look into the rest of the Nexus Lords and lands.

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