Noon Practice: Turkey in Overwatch

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After seeing a topic asking about this, I gave some thought to how Turkey can be handled in Overwatch and drafted two characters.

Country Situation

Turkey, due to economic reasons, cultural prejudices and because they had a young workforce that could handle the tasks conducted by the earlier robots; was one of the countries late to the omnification.
The omnics they had were mostly old models, sold by countries moving to upgrades.
There were only a handful omnics smart and fine enough to lead an effort. To the people’s demise, they were purchased to be servants to the countries leadership.

As Omnics woke up around the world with a new purpose, the Turkish government was taken down or chased away and the omnics were able to coordinate a blitzkrieg to capture some of the high-profile military targets in the country, taking away a big chunk of the arsenal that would threaten the omnics.

People of Turkish Republic soon found themselves to be in a very similar situation to the foundation of their state: Facing a better equipped invading army. While the people were able to put aside their political differences, they were also unable to unite completely. Guerilla groups formed around the country, making do with whatever they have.

Efe (Offense)

One such guerilla force was inspired by the Zeybeks, led by Efe. Wearing traditional Zeybek clothes and accesories over modern protection and a plain mask painted as a Turkish flag, Efe would strike against the Omnic forces everywhere. While Omnic leadership was sure Efe was not a single person, the Zeybek soldiers seemed convinced it was a single, super-human that carried the spirit of the old with him. While the robots didn’t even consider this explanation, they did try to understand how Efe could travel so rapidly.
The truth was indeed that there were multiple Efe’s, but the people’s self-convictions were simply too strong, having a tradition of military and religious stories.

That said, the first Efe was indeed a notable character. He was a military academy graduate accepted into a secret super soldier program, a spin-off of the same program that created Soldier: 76. The result was actually better: A soldier with incredible accuracy, super-human strength and agility. However, there was a catch. The soldier needed to feed himself the formula to maintain the status, but the formula caused heavy metal poisoning, which meant that the soldier had to retire or die.

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Traditional Zeybek Clothes

The first Efe passed a home-brew version the solution to trusted friends and he was actually killed in defense of Smyrna.

Efe carries a handful of explosive sticks that he can throw or place on a surface, a rifle that switches between scope+single or ironsight 5-burst shots. He can tumble to cover a short distance. When things get rough, he can pump himself with the solution, becoming faster, doing increased damage and becoming invincible for a short time.

Sinem (Tank)

Another guerilla force is a combined group of engineers that had active been following omnic technology and thus, were able to hack into the old models in the country to disable or turn them against each other. This big nerd club, while definitely acceptive to women, outcast one particular woman mostly due to personal drama. However, she didn’t yield. In fact, bitter but confident, she decided to show them how it’s done. On her own. On her own terms.

Sinem is nothing short of a genius when it comes to electronics, not to mention very experienced. She used drones to tele-hack Omnics, salvage them for parts, rinse and repeat for more. In the end, she had a durable suit made of Omnic material, coupled with enhanced omnic weaponry. She managed to gather more people around her, more people set-off by the engineer group and together they armed themselves and liberated several locations in the Marmara section.

Sinem rides a make-shift yet durable, armored omnic suit. She has a laser minigun that can shoot without loading, however she needs to watch for the heat. The more heated the weapon is, the longer it takes to cool down. If forced into super-heat, the weapon actually does more damage for a while, but shuts itself down for repairs for a short while. She has a jump-pack that allows her to jump medium distances and stun enemies that she lands around. She has two drones flying around that she can activate for extra protection: They project a shield that’s very durable in front of her, but limit her firing range. Alternatively, the drones can be used to project a shield to wrap a target that prevents most damage but also prevents movement. Finally, when she feels ready, she can call for air support from her team, bombarding an area for damage and slowing all targets.

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