Overwatch Character: Hammond


An experimental denizen of Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond is a chimp with an uncanny technological aptitude. He’s known to fiddle with gadgets and manipulate them so ingeniously that he surprised even the chief engineers of Overwatch.

His curiosity often got him in situations unapproved by the managers however, and he’s been known as quite the trouble maker. Being constantly compared to Winston and how well he behaves, Hammond has hold a grudge against the amiable gorilla. He mocked Winston often and tricked him more than once by exploiting the big gorilla’s naivety.

In his last trick, Hammond almost led Winston to cause someone’s death and was detained in a cell along with the “less developed” chimps and gorillas. Winston was let go, as it was decided it wasn’t his fault. During his punishment, Hammond’s feelings quickly escalated to resentment and even to enmity. He started reaching out to the other fellow prisoners, to whom he became a leader, and master-minded an escape.

Visual Design

Hammond uses a gadget he improvised called “the Hammondator” and wields a “gun” tied to it. Think Ghost Busters, Gluon Gun from half-life and even a bit of Dr. Octopus.


Hammond relies on his technology to cripple his foes and support his “minions” to help reach his means. This particularly effects the ultimate abilities of his enemies and team.

Hammond himself is quite small, making him naturally harder to hit. On the other hand, he is very squishy.

Passive — Hammondator: The gadget covers his whole back and some of his sides and front. This is more than cosmetic: Almost all parts of Hammondator is made from durable material and will act as armor, reducing the damage accordingly. Being shot from back reduces damage even more.

Hammondator also allows him to climb any wall and stay there in definitely as long as he’s holding on (requires pressing shift and holding it). He can also move horizontally on surfaces. He turns his back while climbing and moving over surfaces, but his stance while hanging to walls will expose his body, making him vulnerable to direct damage.

Main Attack — Energy Bolt: Hammondator shoots a stream of energy that travels rather fast, but not instantly. Like Unreal Tournament’s shock rifle, except a bit slower. This attack contributes to the ultimeter.

Alternate Attack — Deenergizer: Hammondator shoots an energy bolt that sticks to the first enemy it hits as long as Hammond keeps pressing the trigger (Similar to Symmetra). The enemy effected will start losing ultimate charges every second (provided they have any ultimate charge. If not, they will simply lose any incoming charges.) The amount/speed of charges lost depends on the distance. Hammond can drain energy from a safe distance but it will be much slower than draining at closer ranges. This energy will be stored by the gadget, displayed in the UI. The maximum amount is 300. Half the charges are lost upon death. This attack does NOT fill Hammond’s ultimeter.

Special Attack — Full Monkey!: This ability, once toggled, will spend energy gained from deenergizer to empower Hammond’s energy bolts. They will be faster, do more damage and Hammond will be able to press LMB for a second to make a “charge attack” that spends more energy but pierces through enemies. Attacks on Full Monkey will increase the ultimeter. If piercing attack is used, each enemy hit with a single attack will multiply the charge contribution.

Ultimate Ability — IT’S HAMMOND TIME!: Hammond releases all the energy stored to nearby allies, filling their ultimate bars. The energy is disturbed equally, meaning with all team around him, they’d all gain 60 energy each. Any surplus energy will be lost.


Playing with Hammond is tricky. The player can always attack from afar to fill their meter and de-energize safely. However, both will be very slow and Hammond shines as a risk taker, utilizing mobility to drain energy from close by and using some of the energy via full monkey to not only dish a good amount of damage but also to fill their ultimate much faster, which of course can easily be a game turner, especially with a full tank.

Hammond may choose to bully a certain enemy with deenergizer, constantly draining them and taking their ultimate off the table or try to balance it between enemies to delay all of the ultimates or simply break certain combos.

While their size, mobility and armor protection does a lot to protect them, Hammond players need to watch out not to die. While it’s easy to dive in to deenergize someone, losing stored energy will, in most situations, not be worth it.

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