Phasmophobia Guide II: Gameplay Tips

So you’ve read the review, played the game a bit, checked the basics guide and now it’s time to move on to higher difficulties and bigger maps? Say no more! I have tips that will help your transition into a fearless* paranormal investigator.

Before you read, I want to repeat the advice I gave on the first two articles: Don’t just read about the game. Experience it yourself, most ideally with a single partner. You can go to the game discord to find people and you can advertise as “Looking for another new player” or “Looking for someone to explore the game” and I’m sure you’ll find someone — worst case it could be an experienced guy who doesn’t just explain everything.

If you don’t care about that or if you explored enough, you have my blessing for the guide. Let’s start, shall we?

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This game has taken so much of my time and I’ve zero regrets

There are roughly four parts of a game:

I’ll divide tips according to this, except joining 3 and 4 since those are intertwined.

Contract and Buying Items

Talking about contracts, there are no tips to make you “better.” It’s more about expectation management. You need to think about what kind of experience you want and go for that. In short:

So if you are learning the game, stick with Amateur-Intermediate and house maps. If you know your stuff and looking for a quick buck, go for a Pro Tangle. If you are 2 people looking for a challenge, go for a big map etc. If you just wanna chill, don’t feel bad for playing an Amateur Tangle.

Buying items is more objective. Following are my mental lists, that suits my playstyle. You may have different ways to approach it of course.

Essentials — I will always add these

Non-Essentials — I end up picking these up anyway

Situational Items

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Feels like a picture of this dude should pay more than 10 bucks


This phase is mostly walking around the house trying to spot ghost activity. Here is what I suggest:

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Crucifixes are good but large rooms decrease their efficiency greatly

Evidence and Objectives

I think these cover most of the things we learned playing the game and with these in mind, you should have a good shot at any map at any difficulty. I hope you enjoyed the guides and found them useful. Next, I’m going to write about some ideas I have about the game’s future.

*I made up the fearless part. In fact, I hope you’ll never be fearless as getting scared is half the fun.

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