Return to Cyberpunk 2077: More Suggestions

Ekrem Atamer
4 min readOct 8, 2022

When Cyberpunk 2077 came out, I spent a lot of time on it and completed it multiple times. Since then, the game received loads of updates and I’ve had my eye on it for a while, feeling like playing again. When Phantom Liberty was announced, I decided to wait for the release. But then, Edgerunners on Netflix happened, and I started thinking about mods. One thing led to the other and I found myself playing a lightly modded version of the game.

By Dall-E, Prompt: “Cyberpunk 2077, digital art”

I previously wrote about some changes I’d like to see. Here is one about Life Paths (Scroll down to the Solution for a quick read) and another about Mission Choices (Scroll down to Solutions, then to the examples for a quick read).

The game feels improved but of course, I still have things to suggest. Some of them will be small, some quite large — even DLC levels. Ready, choom? Preem, let’s go!

  1. Skill-related dialogue checks should give you experience in that skill. This is especially true for “blue” choices, but for consistency, it should be all. In the end, you do “exercise” your skill.
  2. Background-related dialogue checks should give you experience. Each of them is a little self-actualisation in the end.
  3. This is quite a big one compared to the first two, but Pillars of Eternity’s disposition system would have worked so well with Cyberpunk. You would have a proper reputation: Are you someone who keeps murdering people? Then maybe Dakota doesn’t approach you with some of the cyberpsychosis cases while Maelstrom might open up a new cache and a bunch of cop-killing missions for you. Are you known as a deceptive, backstabbing bastard? Maybe fixers like Padre will give you smaller cuts and fewer missions, but an anonymous person will give you whole new ones that will put you in double or even triple-agent situations, ending up hurting the stability of the city. Who? Militech, of course, since they sell weapons and tech to cops and “secretly”, the gangs. Similarly, if you keep choosing corpo-oriented options (regardless of having that background) maybe Peralez’s won’t trust you, but you will get a few anonymous hit missions from corpos.
  4. This is also big — reputation with Cops, Gangs and Fixers. Sure, no one’s holding hands and being besties in Night City but do you always end up murdering Animals? That’s gonna accumulate. Do you take Valentinos down non-lethal? They know you do biz and they appreciate sparing family. Are you in good terms with Wakako? Things will be swifter with Tiger Claws. Depending on the gang, the expectations might be different and benefits might be things like letting you pass through their territory, access to a vendor and other services. And for Fixers, if you keep doing bonuses and don’t ask questions, you get more favourable cuts and top-tier missions. Feuds between all these players would mean that you can’t be everyone’s choom. Especially if you side with Cops — I imagine they would have interesting benefits but you’d have to be non-lethal all the time. And I guess they could have a “fixer” of their own.
  5. Weapon customization: Add a cosmetic slot(s) for weapons. Apply cosmetic items I can buy, loot, gain from disassembling or craft that changes the colour and patterns of the weapon.
  6. Vehicle customization: Let me change colours but also have a few upgrade slots, each of which has things you can choose between. Classic is a nitro, maybe a reinforced bumper so you can crush any enemy. Auto-pilot system so you can shoot while driving or just ask the car to drive itself. Reinforced armour that can withstand damage or an automated turret that packs a punch but has limited ammo. Maybe a bike stops you from flying in accidents and another one allows jumping with the bike. Mostly utility, potentially some combat. The latter would only make sense (outside a couple of exceptions) if vehicle combat was added as a general option.
  7. Cosmetics not cosmetics: For your weapon, car and your outlook, your cosmetics should have an effect on others’ actions too. It could be Judy calling out your fancy Delamaine or Panam commenting when you approach her with Scorpion’s bike. Certain colours and styles, including your chrome, could be “in” with gangs and have a mild reputation effect. You wanna visit Maelstrom vendor? Dress up in their style, flex your chrome and you might get better prices or even access to their special inventory.
Dall-E, same prompt as above

Generally, they all connect to the same point: Creating a dynamic experience in Night City that makes each gameplay at least a little different, especially from a role-playing perspective.

Let me know if you would like these changes or what you think of them. Who knows, maybe someone will mod the game.



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