Starcraft 2 Critique Vol. II

In the end, it was a good adventure. Shame about the lingering sour taste


One problem is Xel’naga being so hollow, uncharacteristically for Blizzard. Who are they? What is their thing? I mean, take Warcraft. It also has cosmic creators, the Titans. But they are very much stylized. They have names, they have sort of a culture, you can make something out of them. We don’t know what they do in their daily life, whether they eat vegemite or listen to goblin-pop, but we have an idea about how they operate.


Who’s this guy? What does he want? Why does he call their life cycle circle of lies or hatred or suffering, or say it’s corrupt? Is he just an egomaniac saying that to make us believe him? If so, does he have to? None of his minions seem to care about this cycle. Does he mean something else? An actual corruption? Then there is no proof. Was he wronged by this cycle somehow? No idea! He says he was created against his will but WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Sounds like teenage angst without anything else, to be honest.

The Infinite Cycle

Why are Xel’naga sleeping? Aren’t they supposed to sort of disappear until the new races they created form to create new Xel’naga? If they don’t, then what’s the whole point of the cycle? Are there more sleeping Xel’naga from previous cycles? Or are they machinist beings who just start life and disappear. There was a reference like this but really just in a corner somewhere from what I remember.


Where does this prophecy come from really? If it was spread by Ouros to subtly fight Amon, I would’ve understood. However, it seems like Xel’naga foresaw… like everything. To the point that they have quite accurate pictures of Kerrigan and other major characters in their “temples”. So… who carved those?


Why is she merging with Ouros? Isn’t it supposed to be purity of form and essence? Shouldn’t she merge with Artanis? I mean, Artanis has cut himself from Khala (and thus, taint of Amon) and kinda wields the both type of energies of his people.


This is the most annoying part, really. Going back to void. Void bolt. Void blast. Void is an extension of his will. WHAT THE HELL IS THE VOID? Also, how come there is the crystals and vespene gas in the Void? Come on.

Last Moment Revelation

I checked the wiki for something literally just now and I found out a different explanation of things that changes a lot. The main premise is that what Xel’naga does is what I suggested: Create life, then slumber away until a new generation is created. This explains why they slumber and the way Amon works to change the cycle.

Positive Points

Going through the campaign wasn’t constant frustration though! I already liked the gameplay and certain things but I also noticed new things I liked, or things I hadn’t thought about before.


In the end, re-checking the story (and now with the bit from wiki) actually improved my opinion on the story overall. However, there are still big issues in Xel’naga not being fleshed out, game having too much fantasy/mysticism, Amon not being explained and finally, presentation issues within the game. I hope for the next Starcraft game, if it ever comes, Blizzard presents us a less-fantasy and more-scifi world that is fleshed out and presented better.



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