The Dragonflight

No, not using leaked images. Look at deez dragons!
Power Rangers was a great show, wasn’t it?

The Plot

So what happens is that the Dragonflights, on the Dragon Isles, have access to a number of old Titan facilities. These are among the first that the Titans created, including the temple above, where the aspects were empowered.
Nozdormu’s plan is to use these facilities (they are managed by Titan constructs and a handful of Dragons called The Forsworn — those who let go of normal lives to study Titans and their machines) to take over the “newer” ones (the ones we know of — and some that we didn’t). Then, Nozdormu plans to use them to bring order, but the details aren’t clear to anyone, not even himself for they need to spend time working on the machines to understand their capabilities first.
The Dragonflight don’t necessarily want to kill the mortals, especially not the natives. The cold, calculated Nozdormu is less selective but Alex and even the Arcane/Order-sided Kalecgos insist on sparing them. Alex wants them alive also for finding/strengthening her bonds with the cosmic Life force. While Nozdormu opposed using the Life force at first, the possibility of using the power to heal Azeroth sells the idea.

Galakrond outlevels the dragonflights!
Does this remind you of any theories?

The Mechanics

During the levelling campaign, we will try to take over titan facilities. By taking over a previously unknown facility, we’ll make our way to the Dragon Isles. That facility will act as player housing. In the Dragon Isles, we’ll take over more facilities and just when we thought we won… we’ll suddenly find ourselves back in the Housing Facility with Chromie lying there, drained. She will explain that she felt someone moving the timeline and she had to give her everything to stop it (not dead!).


So, I’m sure pretty much none of this will happen, but it was fun to think about, I can’t wait for April 19th! What parts do you like or find possible? What do you think will be in the expansion?



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