“I don’t trust her. She looked too… raw.”

The argument was met with a grinning nod. Tehd Shoemaker turned to Marius Felbane: “She is raw indeed… but don’t you worry. If she was with the enemy, we’d have been toast by now.”

“Bah! You underestimate me, warlock. I do not fear her.” answered the night elf. While his voice was under control, both of them knew that they didn’t stand a chance against the orc that just went through the portal Tehd was keeping open.

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The platform on the command ship as Samum entered the portal

The portal led to a platform on a Legion command ship that was drifting in the nether and inside, Samum and her escort Ritssyn Flamescowl had already left a trace of fel guard corpses. At the end of the way was the main attraction: the Pit Lord Commander. The demon looked large from afar, but as the orc approached it, its true size was really felt.

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After Samum’s interference, with the Pit Lord concentrated at something else, thinking he’s safe

The demon towered over Samum, at a height about 5 meters. It’s bulky body probably measured about twice its height, standing on four legs and ending with a massive tail. It held a humongous staff whose each end had a blade larger than a gnome. The demon’s head was ablaze with green fel fire from inside, leaking through both his mouth and the top of his open skull.

Noticing the rogue company, the demon turned back to face his assailants. He let out a guttural laugh as he looked down at the two orcs. One of them was wielding an immensely powerful weapon, but its appearance was magically altered. It was very familiar, but the Pit Lord figured that to be normal, considering the orcs were warlocks and they often got ahold of Legion’s toys. “Decrepit whelps! Your efforts are meaningless!” he taunted, and rushed toward the mortals. Each of its thudding steps shook the orcs.

Samum was sure she could handle the demon, but there was no need to put herself to risk when she could include others. She nodded to his fellow warlock, and started drawing a few gestures on the air, uttering dark words: “Khar As Zeg Taihl!”. As her spell was completed, green felfire covered the massive demon, burning its skin. While the demon could walk through regular flames as it was nothing, the fel was very effective. Samum felt the pain of the demon as it roared and clumsily, in pain, swung its mighty weapon. It still hit the orc, but her protective magic took the most of the hit and protected her from most of the pushing power of the strike. Still, she was forced back. She re-positioned immediately. The platform was narrow enough that another strike would throw her off into a certain death.

Meanwhile, Ritssyn completed a small spell into the portal whence they came to deliver a message to Tehd and Marius. Acting immediately, they appeared on the platform and joined the fight. The Pit Lord starting rotating his twin bladed weapon and spoke in Demonic: “Khar As Jaz Nahir!” Suddenly, spears of fire started raining from above, threatening its attackers. Indeed, one of the fiery meteors hit Samum directly. Half of her face instantly burned, part of her long, gray hair crackled into nothingness. Samum grimaced, drawing power from fel and her own fury and countered the spell with a simple gesture and the very same dark words: “Khar As Jaz Nahir!” Suddenly the fire spears turned green, burning into the demon’s flesh instead.

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The fiery meteors started turning into green fel fire

Samum didn’t stop and with a dark gesture, unleashed a green beam on the Pit Lord, drawing from its life essence. As she did, her burnt flesh was healed and her hair grew anew.

The massive demon roared once again in pain and swung its weapon, flinging Marius away. Samum decided it was time to end this show. She drew a circle in the air with her scepter. The circle turned into a portal. The Pit Lord then knew what he was facing. It was the very Scepter of Sargeras! Samum teared the fabric of reality, allowing immensely powerful bolts of flame, fel and shadow on the Pit Lord. The demon quaked with pain and fear, bathed in magical attacks, barely able to see. And when it could, the last thing he saw was Samum, drawing a figure on the air, crushing the soul shards hovering over her head to empower her spell. The demon knew what it was. “YOU…” The Chaos Bolt started its flight to the demon. “…WILL...” The bolt struck the demon. It lumbered left and right and let its last word out, fading: “..FAaiiiilll.” The platform shook as the massive demon fell.

The four attackers seized their victim as it stopped breathing. Its skull was still ablaze despite the death, an eerie sight. “Well-done, warlock… But my eyes will still be upon you!” Marius broke the silence as it headed back into the portal.

Shoemaker looked at Samum and Ritssyn: “He’s… just… you know. Just... Nevermind. See you around, locks!” and joined the demon hunter.

The warlocks victorious over the Pit Lord

Ritssyn watched as the duo left into the portal. “That forsaken is more powerful than he lets out. If he didn’t behave like a gnome, I’d even ask you to consider him for the Harvest, Netherlord.”

Samum shrugged uncaringly. There was work to do. She started walking into the portal. Ritssyn narrowed his eyes, watched the warlock for a moment, then joined.

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