The Who and the What and the Why

I’ve been using Medium for a while now and started getting a regular amount of reads, along with getting curated on the Gaming consistently. Since the profile page isn’t enough for that, I decided to write a quick introduction about myself.

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Art by Alarak of the Storm (left), Carbot (right). Model: Yours sincerely

I’m a gamer in 30s club who’s been in games industry for a while. Volunteering, part-time, freelancing, full-time, I’ve done it all. Customer support, community management, PR, content creation, media, product management…

In my personal life, I’ve always loved creating games. Me and my cousins used to play make-believe games which we wrote stories for. We used to create “analog” beat’em up games with our toys. Then I got into D&D and pretty much never stopped. On the road, I’ve also worked on a couple maps and mods with game editors (I truly regret not having saved any of them!)

I write my opinions about games, mostly. This could be a game review. This could be dissecting a system.

I also like to have my take on things, so this could also be a “how I would’ve designed it” or a “how I’d fix this situation” type of post.

I occasionally write what I’d rather not call short stories. Let’s call them mini stories.

I write because I’d like to share.

I write because I’d like to go back and take a look.

I also write because I’d like to have a showcase. In fact, I’m going to double down on this more in terms of game design and prepare more detailed documentation and better-thought concepts.

So that’s all I guess! Unfortunately I’m not getting much feedback, so I’d appreciate all feedback whether it’s a comment with details, or a clap (or more — did you know you could press down the clap button to clap more?)

Regardless, thanks for reading and thanks for following.

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Gamer, gaming industry wanderer, development and design enthusiast. Current WIP: TBD

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