To #NFT or Not to #NFT — II

I can use my bazooka in Elden Ring NFT edition? sick!
  • All games? So… A rapier in Starcraft? Well, Starcraft is a strategy game so how about… Half-Life 3: VR edition. Will it replace the Crowbar? Where the hell did Freeman find a rapier that glows pink and has three seashells etched onto it? In fact, let’s reverse the tech shift here. What if you bought a laser gun? Are you going to have one in Warcraft? In a WW2 themed shooter? You get where this is going, you will be limited by game setting/theme and this, by itself, narrows the potential games by a lot.
  • Ok, so obviously we are only going for the same type of setting. So, maybe a sword that works in WoW and ESO but not necessarily in a sci-fi game. With that one restriction, we are free, right? Wrong. Because items in each game, visually and functionally, are very different. I won’t get in detail here and instead link this thread by the awesome Rami Ismail. TL;DR: Items can be and are created with a bunch of different parameters and their functionality is also programmed differently between titles, even those using the same engine. Also, the way NFTs are stored creates huge issues.
  • Let’s assume that we built a chain that prevents the issues (not sure if it’s possible) and we are also building the same type of games and enforcing the same type of parameters or maybe an engine like Unreal 5 has a magical function that converts everything as necessary (emphasis on magical). Now, creating a standard, even with the tech available is going to be a choice but let’s assume Ubi is doing this for the next 5 Assassin’s Creed series. Same company, same style game with little immersion breaking issues. Looks good right? Well, not really. Because this means you are forcing the next 5 games to have the same quality of graphics, same functionality in the code etc.
  • But we want different games to work with it right? So let’s assume there is a magical code that adjusts the NFT item to the game. For example, it adjusts stats to work with the game and adjusts all the technical problems in the model that Rami talks about etc. It’s impossible to automatize this (at least the game design part) and even manually, it’d be tough (what do you do if an item has increased attack speed property but the game has fixed attack speeds?) and by tough I mean virtually impossible to apply to a constant stream of NFT items.
  • Another problem would be the game interacting with that item. The item needs to be in a database that the game can access. Having the game on a third party location just makes things very complicated. I guess technically you could treat the chain as a db? Maybe? If we imagine hard? But it would create so many development and security issues that… Let’s just not talk about it.
  • So many assumptions. But you know what? We are visionaries. Let’s assume we solve all the technical issues and we don’t have to worry about immersion or stats. We create an NFT and we can use it on WoW, ESO and AC 7. So, how’s that going to work with a decentralized chain? Well, we have accounts in Battlenet, Bethesda and Ubi’s platforms. So this chain needs to talk with each of them… but to my knowledge chains can’t do that so we need a mediator that can talk to each platform and the chain, properly assign ownerships, and apply the magic adjustment codes. One might call this… a central piece and either a different server/platform or the NFT itself, it has to either have a centralized component or it’s not really going to function.
  • Not to mention, the impossible magical adjustment codes would require work from the developer. It would open the game up to security risks and more bugs. Risks and bugs that might be very costly to fix because NFTs are non-fungible and because of how blockchains work.

NFT-less Solutions

The fun fact is, that we do not even NEED the NFT/Block technology to do all that!


In summation, if a day comes where we magically create items in the same standards all over the industry, where magical codes adjust items to different functionality and somehow a certain style of graphics don’t stand out in a different style game and an item of certain technology and production works and doesn’t break immersion in a bunch of games… the “NFT item in all games” uto- sorry, the “NFT item in all games with a similar setting” utopia can come to life. Until then, it’s another one of the fraudulent NFTbro sells.



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