Combat System Concept (Video Game)

Image: Wizards of the coast

Part 1: Attacking

As the title reads, this part is about the “To Hit” System.

Part 2: Damage

As mentioned in the first part, armor won’t decrease your chance to hit. On the contrary, it will make you easier to hit, but reduce the damage you take. The idea here is to have different attack and defense types and have a table of relations in terms of effectiveness.

  • Immune: -100% Damage Taken
  • Heavy: -75 % Damage Taken
  • Medium: -50 % Damage Taken
  • Weak: -25 % Damage Taken
  • None: 0 % Damage Change
  • Vulnerable: +25 % Damage Taken
  • Very Vulnerable: +50 % Damage Taken

Part 3: Hit Points

Hit points in many games reflect your overall durability, but it’s also almost always considered very physical. I wanted to explore the idea of changing this and introducing “morale” to the equation.



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Ekrem Atamer

Ekrem Atamer

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